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Client authorizes and empowers St. George Private Security personnel, including but not limited to Security Officers, to enter onto and into the Premises for the purpose of rendering services pursuant to this Agreement and all other purposes and activities reasonably related thereto.  Client warrants and represents that it is in legal possession of the Premises, or that it is duly authorized to enter into this Agreement and make the authorization set forth in this paragraph, on behalf of the person or entity in legal possession of the premises.



We are one of the best companies around in the central valley that is well known by few business to be outstanding in commercial security services. St. George Private Security Patrol knows the importance of keeping your business safe and free from breakage, aggravated loiters, trespassing, vandalism and personal solicitations or attacks. These events are most often traumatic and leave the business owner and its employees feeling threatened and vulnerable. It’s unfortunate that the need of securing your business is becoming increasingly necessary with the constant events of robberies around the central valley, aggravated loiters, trespassing, vandalism and personal solicitations attacks, even robberies at gun point on businesses during business hours and after-work hours.

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